Delta Sand & Gravel Company has Been an Important Part of Our Community for More Than 89 Years

Started in 1927, and built up strong through the years, Delta Sand & Gravel is committed to the community and its employees.

I can vouch for how awesome the service is from the first call to order getting gravel delivered for the driveway, to the amazing truck drivers who know how to work around even the tightest spot and spread gravel right on the button.

Delta employs more than 120 people and is committed to creating a work environment focused on safety, and the community-building process. Delta has grown steadily over the decades surviving many economic challenges of the industry and the economy. Today, Delta continues to expand its operations through innovation and additional products and services. 

From the roads you drive on, to the buildings you walk through, to the foundation your house sits on, gravel is an important part of the construction process.

They offer a full line of aggregate products, free quotes, and specifications for your sand and gravel projects.

In addition, Delta is active in recycling all types of material to help prolong the natural resources of Lane County.

Whether your next project is large or small, you can count on Delta Sand & Gravel Co. for quality products and excellent service.

You can find more information about Delta Sand & Gravel on the website here:

And find them on Facebook:

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