Eugene Garden Design – Custom Vegetable and Flower Gardens for Eugene Families

Gardening gains new popularity in PNW

Eugene Garden Design can help you create a beautiful custom vegetable or flower garden in your outdoor space.

A custom approach to creating unique gardens to suit a family’s dietary needs or increase their property value are just a few of the things that sets Eugene Garden Design far and away above the average lawn cutting service.

The Pacific Northwest boasts a long growing season, ample rain, and a population keen on the environment, farm-to-table movement and growing their own food. Beside that scene, a dynamic and competitive real estate market makes a home’s curb appeal crucial to families getting the high sales price they want when selling the family home.

Perennial Gardens come back year after year wowing neighbors.

In a market with lots of lawn mowing services on one end and landscape designers keen to install cookie-cutter HOA-style landscaping identical for every house on the block it seemed the missing element was a skilled garden service that would focus on small gardens and the needs of individual families eager to have a productive backyard vegetable patch.

Eugene Garden Design has stepped squarely into that niche, and works side by side with homeowners providing garden coaching to teach the unsure what to plant beside their tomatoes, how to combat pests and diseases with natural and organic remedies, and create the kind of farm-to-table-from-the-backyard-garden that many families want.

To top it all off, Eugene Garden Design is partnering with families looking to sell their home. Curb appeal can add tens of thousands of dollars to a home’s sale price and can help ensure the appeal of a home fresh on the market, securing fast and furious bidding from eager potential buyers. A minimal investment in curb appeal planting in the garden areas potential buyers walk through as they come to the front door is a worthwhile investment indeed.

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Eugene Garden Design applies real artistry in creating custom flower gardens, considering the architectural style and colors of the homes’ exterior to pack the garden with a range of plants and flowers in colors and in style that really set the home off to best advantage.

Eugene Garden Design is taking a very custom approach to their landscape design and installation in Eugene and the surrounding area. Owner Christina Conway takes special interest in creating garden spaces that really work for the unique families she’s creating them for and says, “It’s really valuable to take into account the special dietary needs of the family when I’m planting a vegetable and herb garden. I talk with them about what they love to eat and learn what they don’t like or might be allergic to so I don’t waste valuable planter space on a vegetable nobody’s going to enjoy. What fruits and vegetables do you buy every week at the grocery store? Adding colors and varieties of favorites that aren’t seen in stores is a great way to thrill kids and add variation in what we’re eating from week to week.”

This custom approach has clients calling her back to tackle other garden areas once they can see how her pragmatic, creative approach of companion planting, succession planting and crop rotation turn their backyard garden into a major producer of food throughout the long growing season local weather and climate provides.

Whether you’ve always wanted a vegetable garden out back, or want the kind of flower gardens out front that delight your neighbors and provide months of cut flowers for fresh bouquets, Eugene Garden Design is the service you’re looking for in your garden.

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