Your Oregon Lottery Numbers, Powerball, MegaMillions, Megabucks!

Here’s your Oregon Lottery Numbers, Powerball, and MegaMillions.  Good luck!

Check Your Numbers!  

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Current Jackpot $77,000,000

05/09/2020 Results 12-18-42-48-65 19 x5

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Current Jackpot $266,000,000

05/12/2020 Results 7-16-27-44-52 5 x5

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Lucky Lines

Current Jackpot $56,000

05/12/2020 Results 2-8-9-14-17-23-28-29

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Current Jackpot $1,300,000

05/11/2020 Results 17-26-29-30-38-42

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A New Game Every 4 Minutes

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Best Odds to Win $1 Million

Raffle Details

Win for Life

05/11/2020 Results 9-22-53-74

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Pick 4

05/12/2020 Results 7-7-3-2

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