Ninkasi Brewing Puts Community First

What started as a beer between two friends sparked a conversation that would lead to the creation of Ninkasi Brewing and what is now a staple of the Eugene community.

With Nikos Ridge’s background in finance and Jamie Floyd’s background in brewing, they were sure to make an expert team that would go on to do great things.

Jamie and Nikos founded the brewery and brewed their first batch in a leased space in Springfield, OR in 2006 – Total Domination IPA. It wasn’t until 2007 that Ninkasi moved their operations to Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood, where they have become so established today. 

The name Ninkasi comes from the ancient Sumerian Goddess of Fermentation. Ninkasi’s philosophy since the beginning was to become “the village brewer,” meaning they wanted to do so much more than brew beer. They aimed to create a place for people to come together as a community and connect. And that is exactly what they have done! 

Upon a visit to the Eugene brewery, one may take a free 1-hour tour of the facility, taste a collection of their expertly crafted beers, or have lunch or dinner at the Better Living Room.

The restaurant offers delicious locally-sourced foods celebrating the region and complimenting the beers. The space is an attraction in itself – Every inch pulls inspiration from the local Eugene community’s artwork, people, and attractions.

With a laid back and comfortable feel, the Better Living Room welcomes couples and families alike in a warm and casual environment. 

While there, be sure to sample some of their most popular offerings, like the Prismatic Lager, the Tricerahops Double IPA, and yes, even their flagship brew, the Total Domination IPA.

So much of Ninkasi Brewing is centered around the community. It has remained fully independent while gaining national notoriety. Jamie and Nikos’ partnership of two has become a comprehensive team of over 100 employees, but the purpose and message of their beer and the brand remain the same today. They are a hub of the Eugene community and surrounding areas, a destination for visitors, and a source of unique award-winning brews that are celebrated around the world.

Ninkasi Brewing
272 Van Buren Street
Eugene, Oregon 97402


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